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The Nguyen Weather-world – ASAA thesis prize winner


Dr Kathryn Dyt was awarded the 2018 John Legge Prize for best thesis in Asian Studies, here she tells us about her work. Can you tell us a bit about your thesis. What’s the problem it explores and what did you find? My thesis, The Nguyen Weather-world: Environment, Emotion and Governance in Nineteenth-Century Vietnam, is […]


Untold stories: South Vietnam’s forgotten soldiers


The lack of visibility of South Vietnam’s armed forces in the historiography of the Vietnam War was the impetus for a new book by Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen. The Republic of Vietnam—South Vietnam—its people and its armed forces have been largely erased in histories of the Vietnam War. This is reflected in the comments of […]


Vietnam moves cautiously on constitutional reform

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BUI NGOC SON and PIP NICHOLSON glimpse some positive responses to calls by activists for constitutional reform in Vietnam. On 4 February 2013 former Justice Minister Nguyen Dinh Loc  presented a petition, signed by 72 scholars from various disciplines, to the Constitutional Amendment Committee calling for  fundamental and broad-ranging changes to Vietnam’s constitution. Now referred […]

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China and Vietnam square off in war of attrition over disputed waters


China’s deployment of an oil rig in waters near the strategically located Paracel Islands has severely strained bilateral relations with Vietnam, writes Carlyle A. Thayer The Paracel Islands (Hoang Sa in Vietnamese and Xisha in Chinese) are a group of approximately 30 features (small islands, rocks, reefs and sandbanks) lying at the northern end of […]