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The ASAA has an active publications program, with four key outputs:

A world leading quarterly journal edited by David Hundt.

A regular bulletin of short, expert commentaries, edited by Natasha Naidu.

Four Book Series that publish innovative monographs and edited volumes on Asia.

Occasional reports on Asian Studies in Australia.

Book Series

The ASAA publishes four book series in collaboration with international publishing houses:

Published with the National University of Singapore (NUS). Edited by Edward Aspinall and Nick Cheesman.
Est. in 1979 with Allen & Unwin, moved to NUS in 2004.

Published with Routledge. Edited by Morris Low.
Est. in 1985 with Allen & Unwin, moved to Routledge in 1991.

Published with Routledge. Edited by Louise Edwards.
Est. in 1992 with Allen & Unwin, moved to Curzon in 2002, and to Routledge in 2003.

Published with Routledge. Edited by Bina Fernandez and Rahul Gairola.
Est. in 1986 with the Oriental University Press, moved to Sterling in 1987, and to Routledge in 2010.

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