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Book Series: South Asia

South Asia Series

Founded in 1986 to publish outstanding work in the social sciences and humanities, the series entered a new phase in 2010 when it joined with Routledge to continue a notable tradition of Australian-based research about South Asia. Works in the series are published in both UK and Indian editions.

The series publishes outstanding research on the countries and peoples of South Asia across a wide range of disciplines including history, politics and political economy, anthropology, geography, literature, sociology and the fields of cultural studies, communication studies and gender studies. Interdisciplinary and comparative research is encouraged.

Authors are invited to submit a synopsis of about 5-6 pages in length, which should provide the following information: the aims of the manuscript; a synopsis, including chapter headings; the intended readership; and the main competing publications. The synopsis should also include an academic curriculum vitae and list of publications. Authors are also encouraged to submit a sample chapter with their synopsis.

A copy of the manuscript proposal should be sent to the editors of the series, Rahul Gairola and Alexander Davis.

A PDF of guidelines for propositions can be downloaded via this link.

For past and forthcoming books in the series visit the Publisher’s website.

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