23rd Biennial ASAA Conference 2020

23rd Biennial ASAA Conference 2020

23rd Biennial ASAA Conference 2020

The ASAA 2020 conference was reshaped into online activities in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. You can find details of these activities, including links to recordings of our Roundtable series, below.

For your records and for easy use we have created a complete Abstract Booklet of the ASAA 2020 Conference Program which is available for download here.

ASAA 2020 Conference Book Launches

A number of books were due to be launched at our Conference this year. In the absence of the opportunity to gather and show our support for these accomplished authors, we invite you to read more about these important books here. If you’re interested in reviewing any of these publications for Asian Currents, I invite you to reach out to me through the contact details on our website.

ASAA Roundtables & Workshops

In 2020 ASAA is hosting a series of webinars on topics which were to be presented as roundtables and workshops during the ASAA 2020 conference.


Recordings of Roundtables can be accessed on our website via the links below. Thanks to all panelists, chairs and audience members for participating and helping to keep the community of Asia-focused scholars connected.

Postgraduate Workshops

Date: Tuesday 24 November 2020, 3:00pm-4:30pm (AEDT)

Moderator: Ms. Carman K. M. Fung (ASAA2020 Postgraduate Representative, PhD candidate in Screen and Cultural Studies, University of Melbourne)

Speakers: Dr. Nathan Hollier (Melbourne University Publishing), Dr. Kevin Carrico (Monash University), Dr. Sophie Chao (University of Sydney), Dr. Benjamin Hegarty (University of Melbourne)

Find out more here.

Date: Wednesday 25 November 2020, 3:00pm-4:30pm (AEST)

Moderator: Ms. Chloe Ho (University of Melbourne)

Speakers: Dr Claire Roberts (University of Melbourne), Dr Susie Protschky (Monash University), Dr Benjamin Hegarty (University of Melbourne), Mr Wil Villareal (University of Melbourne)

Find out more here.


Date: Friday 27 November, 2-4pm AEDT, 1pm-3pm AEST, 11am -1pm WST

The Asian Studies Association invites you to a forum to discuss the future of Asian Studies in Australian universities.

In this open forum we invite participation from members of the academy, students, and members of the general public to take stock of the state of Asian Studies and to ask: Does Asian Studies have a future in Australian universities?

Speakers: Professor Edward Aspinall, Australian National University, President, ASAA; Associate Professor Melissa Crouch, University of New South Wales, Secretary ASAA; Professor Kanishka Jayasuriya, Murdoch University.

Find out more here.

Date: Friday, 20 November 2020, 12-2pm AEDT/8-10 WIB

Recording: Watch recording here. Password: 4iMn7_LGa4Zl

Chairs: Wulan Dirgantoro and Edwin Jurriëns, the University of Melbourne

Speakers: Naomi Srikandi (Peretas, Yogyakarta), Intan Paramaditha (literary author, Macquarie University), Arahmaiani (visual artist, Yogyakarta/Denpasar) and Gustaff Iskandar (Common Room Networks Foundation, Bandung).

Find out more here.

Korean Studies Distinguished Speaker Series

Date: Thursday, 5 November, 2020, 6-7pm

In this Korean Studies Distinguished Speaker Seminar at the Asia Institute, Ms Youngmi Choi, a prominent feminist poet and leading figure in Korean literature, will speak with Dr Jay Song about her work and fight against sexism in South Korea.

Find out more here.

Korean Studies Distinguished Speaker Series

Date: Friday, 2 October 2020, 4-7pm AEST, 1-4pm WIB and 8-11am CET

Panel 1: Ravando, Bronwyn Anne Beech Jones, Heather Goodall, John Ingleson

Panel 2: Jonathan Tehusijarana, Paula Hendrikx, Rhoma Dwi Aria Yuliantri, Gerry van Klinken

Find out more here.

In association with the Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN)

Date: Thursday 20 August, 4pm-5pm (AEST)

Chair: Monika Winarnita (Deakin University)

Panelists: Samia Khatun (SOAS), Chunyan Zhang (RMIT), Amrita Malhi (ANU), Farzana Yesmen Chowdhury (UQ), Sophie Loy-Wilson (University of Sydney)

Recording available via link here.

In association with the Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN)

Date: Thursday13 August, 12.30pm-1.30pm (AEST)

Panelists: Melissa Conley Tyler, Research Fellow, Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne, Dr Pradeep Taneja, School of Social and Political Sciences, The University of Melbourne, Dr Avery Poole, Senior Fellow at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)

Recording available via link here.

Chair: Tanzil Shafique (University of Melbourne)

Panelists: Ishita Chatterjee (University of Melbourne), Reden Recio (University of Melbourne), Neeraj Dangol (University of Melbourne), Stephanie Butcher (University of Melbourne)

Chair: Kate McGregor (University of Melbourne)

Panelists: Rachel Hughes (University of Melbourne), Lia Kent (Visiting Fellow, Australian National University), Ken Setiawan (University of Melbourne), Lisandro Claudio (University of California)

Chair: Anoma Pieris (University of Melbourne)

Discussant: Kim Dovey (Informal Urbanism Research Hub)

Panelists: Jeff Hou (University of Washington), Amanda Achmadi (University of Melbourne), Sidh Sintusingha (University of Melbourne), Jayde Roberts (University of New South Wales)

ASAA Mentoring Scheme

Thanks to all the mentors who have volunteered to help mentor ASAA mentees with publication advice and more general mentoring advice. We have been able to find mentors for around 30 mentees. Jemma Purdey and Kate McGregor (Vice President of the ASAA) are in the process of writing to all mentors and mentees to update them on their matches. We hope this is an enriching experience for both mentors and mentees.

Thanks also to David Hundt editor of Asian Studies Review and Edward Aspinall, ASAA President who will work with our ASAA bursary winners and another team of mentors towards a publication in Asian Studies Review featuring Emerging Scholars.

ASAA Postgraduate Conference Awards 2020

In the Asian Studies Association of Australia, we pride ourselves in promoting young scholars as a key part of our activities as a professional association. For this reason, we support the attendance of postgraduate students at our biennial conferences, and the associated postgraduate workshops.

Our Postgraduate Conference Awards are supported by our endowment fund, managed by the Australian National University for the ASAA as the ASAA Presidents’ Fund. This year, 10 awards were offered, for 10 postgraduate students to attend the 2020 ASAA Conference at the University of Melbourne on 6-9 July.

The ASAA was delighted by both the quality and the number of applications from Australia and around the world for the 2020 conference. Though we were not able to provide all applicants with awards, we hope that unsuccessful applicants will still be able to attend the conference and present on their fascinating research. The ASAA congratulates the ten persons selected for awards this year:

  1. Chieh-Ming Lai, Faculty of Science, University of Sydney
  2. Alison Darby, School of Culture, History and Language, The Australian National University.
  3. Pin Pin Debbie Chan, Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Western Australia
  4. Kathryn Phillips, Faculty of Arts Macquarie University,
  5. Kuansong (Victor) Zhuang, Department of Media, Music, Communications and Cultural Studies, Macquarie University
  6. Kaira Zoe Canete, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of New South Wales,
  7. Rebecca Meckelburg, Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University
  8. Elena Williams, Department of Political and Social Change, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, College of Asia & the Pacific, Australian National University
  9. Yu Yating, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  10. Perona Das, Department of Geography, National University of Singapore.

Congratulations to these outstanding early career scholars!

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