New Report: Australia's Asia Education Imperative

The ASAA report on Asian Studies in Australian universities is out! The report provides an extensive review into the state of Asian Studies, including topics such as:

  • The changing policy framework over the last two decades
  • The place of Asia in university curricula, and in universities in general
  • Trends in language teaching and learning
  • ARC funding for Asia research
  • Study abroad and other forms of university engagement with Asia
  • The role of academic associations in promoting the study of Asia

The ASAA commissions periodic reports into the state of Asian Studies in Australia with the aim of informing both decision-makers and members of the broader community about imperatives in the development and sustenance of Australia’s Asian Studies endeavour.

These reports are as follows:

 In 2020, Edward Aspinall and Melissa Crouch edited a series of contributions to Asian Currents reflecting on the state of Asian Studies in Australia. The series can be accessed here: Reviewing the state of Asian Studies in Australia.

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