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The Asian Currents editor, Natasha Naidu, welcomes submissions of articles which are topical contributions by anyone on any matter pertaining to Asia, a country in Asia, Australia’s relationship with Asia / a country in Asia, Asian Studies, and/or Asian Studies in Australia. 

Submissions should be between 1000 and 1500 words. Articles should be written in non-technical language for an informed, general readership as well as for Asia specialists. References should be embedded in the text rather than as footnotes or at the end of articles.

The Asian Currents Editor has also published a set of publication guidelines to aid those interested in submitting. The guidelines detail what the blog aims to publish, who is eligible to submit, what the Editor is looking for in a good Asian Currents submission, and what one can expect from the process of submitting. The publication guidelines are an essential starting point for anyone considering submitting to Asian Currents.

Please send your submissions to the Editor via email or by completing the below form:

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