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Southeast Asia Publications Series

The Southeast Asia Publication Series (SEAPS) publishes cutting-edge research on the countries and peoples of Southeast Asia. It covers all disciplines and sub-disciplines in the humanities and social sciences: including anthropology, geography, history, literature, political economy, politics, and sociology, as well as the fields of cultural studies, communication studies and gender studies.

About the series

Since 2004 SEAPS the National University of Singapore Press (NUS Press) has published the series for the Asian Studies Association of Australia. It publishes the series in collaboration with the University of Hawaii Press in North America, and the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS). Unireps acts as distributor in Australia. Titles published before 2004 and still in print are available from Allen & Unwin.

Manuscript submission

Prospective authors, including PhD candidates, are encouraged to submit to the series editors a one-page abstract and annotated chapter outline for initial consideration, or a full proposal using the standard NUS Press format.

Manuscripts for submission should be well conceptualized, soundly argued and based on original fieldwork or archival research. They should make a strong contribution to a field of scholarly inquiry, written in a lively, plain English style accessible to the informed general reader. They should not exceed 100,000 words.

The series editors are particularly welcoming of manuscripts drawing on research using Southeast Asian languages. They also keenly welcome interdisciplinary and comparative research.

Edited books are considered on a case by case basis, and according to multiple criteria: the topic should be of wide interest, the introduction should integrate the themes and cases, the individual essays should be of high and consistent quality, and overall the book should make a major contribution to the field.

As it is a series of the Asian Studies Association of Australia, it is generally expected that manuscripts will have some sort of Australian connection. In most cases this means the author is either based at, or a graduate of, an Australian university, but other connections are possible.

Series editors

Edward Aspinall (Australian National University) and Nick Cheesman  (Australian National University) are the series editors. They welcome any inquiries concerning the series or submission of manuscripts.

Members of the Editorial Board

Professor Edward Aspinall (Australian National University) (Editor)
Professor Barbara Andaya (University of Hawaii and University of Hawaii Press)
Associate Professor Nicholas Cheesman (Australian National University) (Editor)
Professor Robert Cribb (Australian National University)
Professor Melissa Crouch (University of New South Wales)
Professor Emeritus Howard Dick (University of Melbourne/Newcastle)
Professor Emeritus Robert Elson (University of Queensland)
Professor Michele Ford (University of Sydney)
Professor Emeritus Ariel Heryanto (Monash University)
Dr. Holly High (University of Sydney)
Gerald Jackson (NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies)
Associate Professor Patrick Jory (University of Queensland)
Dr. Paul Kratoska (NUS Press, National University of Singapore)
Professor Julian Millie (Monash University)
Professor Lyn Parker (University of Western Australia)
Professor Emeritus Anthony Reid (Australian National University)
Dr. Jayde Roberts (University of New South Wales)
Professor Emeritus Kathryn Robinson (Australian National University)
Professor Mina Roces (University of New South Wales)
Peter Schoppert (NUS Press)
Associate Professor Maila Stivens (University of Melbourne)
Professor Adrian Vickers (University of Sydney)

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