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East Asia Series

The East Asia Series with Routledge welcomes proposals for manuscripts on subjects principally concerned with any part of the East Asian region (China, Japan, North and South Korea and Taiwan). Topics may be contemporary or historical, and may relate to any of the humanities or social sciences. The series seeks in particular to publish manuscripts which, while maintaining high scholarly standards, raise issues of broad intellectual interest and are written in a style which will appeal to a wide readership. Comparative studies, dealing with more than one country of the region, are also welcomed.

Authors are invited to submit a synopsis of about 5-6 pages in length, which should provide the following information: the aims of the manuscript; a synopsis, including chapter headings; the intended readership (is the book mainly designed for an audience of academic researchers, postgraduates, undergraduates or the wider public?); and the main competing publications. The synopsis should also include an academic curriculum vitae and list of publications. Where possible, authors are also encouraged to submit two sample book chapters with their synopsis. In the case of a dissertation conversion, these should not just be chapters from the dissertation but rather revised chapters for the proposed book

A copy of the manuscript proposal should be sent to the editor of the series:

Associate Professor Morris Low
School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
University of Queensland
Brisbane, QLD 4072AUSTRALIA

The other members of the editorial board are Emeritus Professor Colin Mackerras (Griffith University), Professor Sonia Ryang (University of Iowa), Professor Vera Mackie (University of Wollongong), and Professor Geremie Barmé (Australian National University).

To view past and forthcoming books in the series visit the Publisher’s website.

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