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Reviewing the state of Asian Studies in Australia


What is the state of teaching and research on Asia-related topics at Australian universities? Do students have more or less opportunity to learn about Asia than in the past? Is there much variation in Asia content across disciplines? Which Asian languages are in decline at our universities and which are on the rise? What are […]

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Alatas and Autonomous Knowledge


Introduction The formative period of Syed Hussein Alatas’ thought was that of European colonialism, particularly in British Malaya and the Netherlands East Indies. While a post-graduate student at the University of Amsterdam, he wrote what must have been his first piece on the problems of colonialism (“Some Fundamental Problems of Colonialism”, Eastern World, 1956). Here, […]

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Remembering Pak Poedijono 1940-2021


Poedijono, OAM, Satya Lencana   Pak Poedijono died peacefully in a Melbourne hospital at 5.53pm on 30 January 2021. Music and performing-art lovers in Melbourne and other cities in Australia will remember him as a tireless, enthusiastic and highly talented performer and promoter of the Javanese performing arts in Melbourne. For many years he taught […]

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Vale Dr Ni Win Zaw, Head, Department of Library and Information Studies, University of Yangon


Over the past two years there have been many tragedies due to COVID-19. August 2021, very sadly, saw the passing of Dr Ni Win Zaw, Professor (Head), Department of Library and Information Studies, University of Yangon, from this dreadful virus. Myanmar has lost a great professional leader. The future of library education and preservation of […]

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Are ‘advanced’ Japanese language programs sustainable? A look at Australia, New Zealand and Singapore


Economic, strategic and cultural connections to Japan have never been stronger and more students across the breadth of our education system, primary through to tertiary, continue to be interested in studying Japanese. But what, beyond Demon Slayer and Pokemon, motivates them and how can that knowledge help universities to build effective and engaging language programs? […]

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Applying for ASAA grants


What Successful Grants Say About Including Emerging Scholars in Events The Asian Studies Association of Australia offers a range of small grants and prizes every year. One of the benefits of membership is being able to access these opportunities. However, access does not always translate into receiving a grant. In this short article, I wish […]

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Countering COVID: Innovation in Australia-Indonesia education

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While the shift to online programs might be unprecedented, adaptability and resilience in Australia-Indonesia educational partnerships is nothing new.