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Reviewing the state of Asian Studies in Australia


What is the state of teaching and research on Asia-related topics at Australian universities? Do students have more or less opportunity to learn about Asia than in the past? Is there much variation in Asia content across disciplines? Which Asian languages are in decline at our universities and which are on the rise? What are […]

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Applying for ASAA grants


What Successful Grants Say About Including Emerging Scholars in Events The Asian Studies Association of Australia offers a range of small grants and prizes every year. One of the benefits of membership is being able to access these opportunities. However, access does not always translate into receiving a grant. In this short article, I wish […]

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Countering COVID: Innovation in Australia-Indonesia education

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While the shift to online programs might be unprecedented, adaptability and resilience in Australia-Indonesia educational partnerships is nothing new.

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Former ASAA President honoured by Emperor of Japan


Former President of the ASAA, Emeritus Professor Purnendra Jain, has been awarded the highest Japanese honour open to an academic. In a ceremony held in Adelaide on Friday 26 March, Consul-General Shimada Junji awarded Professor Jain the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon in recognition of his “contribution to promoting academic […]

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EU’s Show of Strong Commitment is Needed for ASEAN Strategic Partnership


Notwithstanding the consensus between European Union (EU) and ASEAN to upgrade inter-regional relations into a strategic partnership in December 2020, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) 2021 has painted a different picture on the ground. Far from attributing any significance to its newly upgraded strategic partner, the MSC’s agenda was largely concentrated on the transatlantic alliance […]

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‘Too foreign, difficult and suspicious’: Discourses of Chinese language learning in Australia

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One effect of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been the development of significant diplomatic tensions between China, the world’s second largest economy, and various ’Western’ powers. In Australia, China-scepticism has resulted in Australian-born Chinese being targeted. A recent survey showed that eight in ten Asian Australians reported having been physically threatened or attacked in the […]

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The students who are left behind: pandemic-induced gap year in the Philippines


In the Philippines, it was reported that for school year 2020-2021 (“the pandemic school year”) around three (3) million learners opted not to enroll or continue their education at the basic education level. For context, this number is almost equal to the entire population of Quezon City (2.94 Million), a highly urbanized city in Metro […]