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Are ‘advanced’ Japanese language programs sustainable? A look at Australia, New Zealand and Singapore


Economic, strategic and cultural connections to Japan have never been stronger and more students across the breadth of our education system, primary through to tertiary, continue to be interested in studying Japanese. But what, beyond Demon Slayer and Pokemon, motivates them and how can that knowledge help universities to build effective and engaging language programs? […]

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Countering COVID: Innovation in Australia-Indonesia education

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While the shift to online programs might be unprecedented, adaptability and resilience in Australia-Indonesia educational partnerships is nothing new.

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The state of Indonesian language in Australian universities: the past 20 years.


A recent volume tracing ‘the journey of Australia’s first Asian language’ (Thomas, 2019) finds that, while successive Australian governments have identified Indonesia as Australia’s most important neighbour and as a key to Australia’s prosperity and security, this recognition has not sustained interest among Australians in studying the language. For the last two decades, the study […]

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Emeritus Professor Merle Calvin Ricklefs 1943-2019


Obituary: Merle Ricklefs Merle Ricklefs, who passed away in Melbourne on 29 December 2019, was the pre-eminent scholar of Javanese Islam of his generation and, more broadly, one of the leading historians of Indonesia.  He also played a significant leadership role in Asian Studies in Australia as well as the development of Aboriginal tertiary education […]

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‘Outsider’ language students see own society through other eyes


Learning another language has more benefits than enhanced job prospects Australians’ lack of appetite for language learning is frequently reported to be worsening. Yet at the same time, ‘intercultural’ has become something of a buzzword. The Australian National Curriculum makes extensive reference to ‘intercultural understanding’, while employers are increasingly seeking recruits with ‘intercultural competency’. There […]

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Teaching Hindi with comics


Students appear to be responding well to a novel approach to learning Hindi Over the last two years I’ve started using comics increasingly to teach first-year Hindi. Responses from students have been positive. But it has also raised the question of why we might use comics to teach languages and what we can say about […]