ASAA prizes

Study of war memory wins ASAA prize


The annual Wang Gungwu Prize for the best article published in Asian Studies Review (ASR) in 2014 has been won by Dr Karl Gustafsson, Research Fellow in the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Stockholm. The selection committee awarded the prize to Dr Gustafsson for his article, ‘Memory politics and ontological security in Sino–Japanese Relations’, which […]

Asian finance

Why Australia should join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank


Australia has no good reasons for staying out of the AIIB, and should join as soon as possible, argues SHAHAR HAMIERI. The surprising recent announcement that the United Kingdom will join the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has put the possibility of Australia joining the Bank back on the table. Last year the Australian […]


Questions begin to stir on Indonesia’s death penalty policy


A select few Indonesian scholars, journalists and activists are urging a rethink of the country’s policy of the death penalty, writes ROSS TAPSELL. Since Indonesia’s transition to democracy began in 1998 journalists have been able to comment on and criticise government policies. But during time spent in Indonesia’s main newsrooms since January as part of […]


Pioneer of India and South Asia studies inspired a generation of students


Obituary Donald Anthony Low (1927–2015) Anthony Low, the third president of the ASAA in 1981–2 and vice-chancellor of the Australian National University from 1975–82, died on 12 February in Canberra after a struggle with Parkinson’s disease. Born in Nanital in north India (his father was a missionary in Allahabad), Low was an outstanding scholar not […]


Thailand dictatorship far from benign


Thailand’s military court is being used to process civilian crimes against the crown and state for the first time since the 1970s, writes TYRELL HABERKORN. Since the 22 May 2014 coup by the National Council or Peace and Order (NCPO), the 12th ‘successful’ (meaning that power was seized) coup since the end of the absolute […]