At what price success? Lessons in education from post-Mao China


When it is hard to identify and measure the aspects of schooling that are truly important for success, the drive to meritocratic fundamentalism in modern China needs a closer look, writes Edward Vickers Debate on education policy in the West today is underscored by two unshakeable assumptions. First, that educational success is readily measurable through […]


Marketing morality in Indonesia’s democracy

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Issues of inequality and injustice, and expressions of grievance against the status quo, are increasingly being framed by racial and religious identity in Indonesia, write Inaya Rakhmani and Vedi R. Hadiz The first anniversary of the largest religiously-driven mass demonstration in Indonesia has just been celebrated by some of the organisations that were its driving […]


Political transformation in Timor-Leste hits the pause button


Politics in East Timor have reached something of an impasse and could develop in a number of directions, either a return to old patterns or transformational, writes James Scambary The election in East Timor on July 22 this year, the third parliamentary election since it voted for independence from Indonesia in 1999, promised a departure […]


Indonesian tourism needs more than slogans


The tourism industry in Indonesia needs a re-think, keeping the needs of a variety of potential tourists front of mind, writes Duncan Graham As President Joko Widodo took office three years ago he faced the predicament of too many plans and not enough cash. Taxation in Indonesia has long been low and patchily applied. The […]

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Will Indonesia ‘descend’ into dispute in the South China Sea?


The stand-off between Indonesia and China in disputed waters off the Natuna Islands may not be all it seems, writes Gatra Priyandita Great power tensions in the South China Sea have continued to increase this year, as China inches closer to its objective of de facto control of the sea, and the US begins regularising […]


Manga: a medium for historical debate?


Scholars of Japanese manga are now beginning to look at its political messaging, how it can subvert dominant historical discourses and push for politically conservative or progressive agendas, writes Rebecca Suter Comics in Japan were seen as a superficial form of popular entertainment aimed mostly at children, throughout the twentieth century. It was no different […]