Jane Golley

Jane Golley

Jane Golley is Associate Director, Australian Centre on China in the World, Australian National University.

China’s growth prospects: ‘Sinophoria’ or imminent collapse?

JANE GOLLEY considers the arguments over whether China can sustain high economic growth. In early 2015, China’s Premier Li Keqiang lowered the official growth rate to around 7 per cent—its lowest target in 11 years, and one that is being touted as the new normal rate of growth, in contrast with the heady double-digit levels […]

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Questions of balance

JANE GOLLEY examines the implications of China’s gender imbalance for the Chinese and global economies—and comes up with some reassuring findings. In 2013, China recorded an official sex ratio at birth (SRB) of 117.6 boys for every 100 girls, making it the most gender imbalanced country in the world, a rank it has held since

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