South Korea’s deepening youth unemployment crisis


The Korea Herald recently reported that 410,000 young people in their 20s were unemployed in South Korea, up from 330,000 in 2013, and a 15-year high.


For land and people: the Kachin conflict in Myanmar

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The struggle between the Myanmar government and the Kachin minority group is about much more than ethnicity, argue COSTAS LAOUTIDES and ANTHONY WARE. Myanmar is undergoing two significant, albeit interconnected, processes—political and economic liberalisation, and a broadly defined peace process that could end 70 years of civil war. Being the more fragile, the peace process […]


Singapore at 50 reflects on its past and contemplates the future


In its 50 years since independence, Singapore has become a first-world nation. But times have changed and, says JASON LIM, Singapore will have to change too if it’s to meet new challenges. On 9 August 2015, Singapore celebrated its 50th year of independence. The annual National Day Parade (NDP) at the Padang became a masterful […]

Asian languages

Tigers vs goats: Rajiv Malhotra’s battle for Sanskrit


The architecture of Indian civilisation or a mere language? McCOMAS TAYLOR surveys the battleline over the significance of Sanskrit. Western scholarship devours Sanskrit just as a tiger eats a goat. It digests whatever its needs to develop and ejects the remains. In the end there is no goat, only the tiger grown stronger than ever. […]


Democracy still taking root in Bhutan


Although Bhutan’s new democracy appears to be working well, the citizens of the Himalayan Kingdom have yet to show a strong commitment to it. MARK TURNER reports. Bhutan was a latecomer to democracy. The small Himalayan kingdom joined the ranks of democratic nations only in 2008 when the first national elections were held and its […]