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hun sen

Cambodia: a democracy no longer, descends into autocratic rule

The steady erosion of democracy in Cambodia has been dramatically accelerated during 2017, writes Carlyle A. Thayer One of the world’s longest serving leaders, Hun Sen, Cambodia’s Prime Minister, has since 2016 set about deliberately dismantling his country’s democratic system. Month by month, the country’s political opposition has been eviscerated through a combination of coercion […]

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Cambodia on the brink

With the main political opposition disabled and an increasingly authoritarian government, Cambodia faces a political crisis, writes JONATHAN BOGAIS. Cambodia is on the brink of a political crisis, facing a return to the autocratic modus operandi that has been the hallmark of its politics for many years. This follows a sudden government crackdown on the

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Portrait of a pragmatist

Hun Sen’s Cambodia. By Sebastian Strangio. Yale University Press, 2014. 322pp. During a recent conversation, a foreign affairs official confided to me his views on the remarkable development experienced by Cambodia in the last 30 years but, as I listened to him, it struck me as amazing that he knew so little about the recent

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