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ASEAN Charter: deepening constitutionalism in Southeast Asia

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The growth of constitutionalism in Southeast Asia may seem slow or disorganised, but Marford Angeles and Michael Henry Yusingco consider its progress Over the years, much of the criticism levelled at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has been over its principles of consensus and of non-interference with the internal affairs of member states. However, […]


Missing Sombath a test for ASEAN


ASEAN’s weak response to the disappearance of Lao community worker Sombath Somphone, writes KEARRIN SIMS,  raises questions about the strength of the institution’s commitment to human rights. Nowhere in Asia has seen the formation of stronger regional partnerships than those within ASEAN. In 2015 the institution will attempt to undertake yet another step forward in […]


Cambodians continue to struggle in an inequitable society


Corruption and social injustice underlie the recent violent demonstrations in Cambodia, writes JONATHAN BOGAIS. Nineteen governments gathered to sign the Paris Peace Agreements on 23 October 1991, promising a comprehensive political settlement to end the tragic conflict and continuing bloodshed in Cambodia. There was a general consensus that Cambodia was at the end of an historical […]