New series on East Asian politics

New series on East Asian politics

Edgar Allen Publishing has announced a new series, New horizons in East Asian politics.

The series will provide a forum for original research on the key geopolitical region of East Asia (including Southeast Asia).

Covering a diverse range of topics, the series will welcome submissions focusing on this region from across the spectrum of political science, including international relations, international politics, security, defence, political economy, human rights, geopolitics, politics and international law, and comparative politics.

Topics covered could include the rise of China, China’s relations with the rest of the region, environmental politics, regional trade relations, the US’s role in East Asia, and regional security issues.

The series editors are Professor Richard W Hu, University of Hong Kong, and Associate Professor Andrew Tan, University of New South Wales.

For more information, including details on submitting a proposal, please contact the editorial director, Alex Pettifer.

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