Conference to look at effects of urban development in Bangladesh

Abstracts are being called for the annual Urban Research and Development Society 2016 conference, to be held at University of Dhaka in December.

Titled ‘the political economy of urbanization’, the conference, which will be held on 7–8 December, will look at how urban transformation in recent decades has affected different sectors of society and the economy in Bangladesh.

The conference aims to draw together experts working on urban political economy to exchange their understandings of the changes in areas such as urban expansion, economic restructuring, housing and real estate, education, healthcare, sustainability, crime and violence, and urban consumption.

The organisers are encouraging comparative and historical perspectives including comparisons of the new and old political economies of cities, and of the political economy of cities in Bangladesh with other countries.

Abstracts should be submitted to Professor Shahadat Hossain, Department of Sociology, University of Dhaka, or, by 31 July.

24th May, 2016

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