Asian Currents Publication Guidelines

Asian Currents Publication Guidelines

Asian Currents is the flagship blog of the Asian Studies Association of Australia. Asian Currents publishes articles which are topical contributions by anyone on any matter pertaining to Asia, a country in Asia, Australia’s relationship with Asia / a country in Asia, Asian Studies, and/or Asian Studies in Australia. 

Anyone is welcome, and encouraged, to submit a piece to Asian Currents. In particular, Asian Currents welcomes submissions from students, post-doctoral researchers and ECRs, and members of the ASAA.

To aid in the submission of pieces to Asian Currents, the Editor has published a set of publication guidelines. The publication guidelines detail what the blog aims to publish, who is eligible to submit, what the Editor is looking for in a good Asian Currents submission, and what one can expect from the process of submitting. The publication guidelines are an essential starting point for anyone considering submitting to Asian Currents.

Access the publication guidelines here: Asian Currents Publication Guidelines_April 2023

Photo source: From Pixabay, Creative Commons license

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