ASAA 2020 Conference Events Online

ASAA 2020 Conference Events Online

Together with the organisers of ASAA 2020 we are very pleased to announce a select online program of events. From late June until November the ASAA will host a series of roundtables, panels and discussions as webinars, to which you are all invited! Watch this space and your email inboxes in the weeks and months ahead for more details on how to join us.

We also remind you to please send us the details of any panels or other events intended for ASAA 2020, which you have organised to take place online, and we will be very happy to promote it here.

ASAA 2020 Webinar Series

Coming soon:

Roundtable: Bound By Interests: Australia-Asia Relations Today and Tomorrow
Thursday 13 August, 12.30pm-1.30pm (AEST)

Webinar via Zoom (Register here)

Panelists: Melissa Conley Tyler, Research Fellow, Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne, Dr Pradeep Taneja, School of Social and Political Sciences, The University of Melbourne, Dr Avery Poole, Senior Fellow at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)

Roundtable: Asian Australian Studies as a Subject for Future Research and Teaching
Thursday 20 August, 4pm-5pm (AEST)
Webinar via Zoom (Register here)
In association with the Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN)
Chair: Monika Winarnita (Deakin University)
Panelists: Samia Khatun (SOAS), Chunyan Zhang (RMIT), Amrita Malhi (ANU), Farzana Yesmen Chowdhury (UQ), Sophie Loy-Wilson (University of Sydney)


Panel: Ways of Knowing the Future: Perspectives on four Asian Cities – Manila, Delhi, Kathmandu and Dhaka
Watch webinar recording (Password: I@mAstar123)
Chair: Tanzil Shafique (University of Melbourne)
Panelists: Ishita Chatterjee (University of Melbourne), Reden Recio (University of Melbourne), Neeraj Dangol (University of Melbourne), Stephanie Butcher (University of Melbourne)

Roundtable: The Future of Historical Justice in Southeast Asia
Watch a recording of the webinar (Password: FAuWBreTH2q@)
Chair: Kate McGregor (University of Melbourne)
Panelists: Rachel Hughes (University of Melbourne), Lia Kent (Visiting Fellow, Australian National University), Ken Setiawan (University of Melbourne), Lisandro Claudio (University of California)

Roundtable: Informal Urbanities: Asia after COVID 19
Watch webinar recording (Password: H5gqkM8R^9KY)
Chair: Anoma Pieris (University of Melbourne)
Discussant: Kim Dovey (Informal Urbanism Research Hub)
Panelists: Jeff Hou (University of Washington), Amanda Achmadi (University of Melbourne), Sidh Sintusingha (University of Melbourne), Jayde Roberts (University of New South Wales)


Dr Elly Kent is the editor of the ASAA's blog, Asian Currents and the ANU's Southeast Asia blog, New Mandala. She has worked as a researcher, writer, translator, artist, teacher and intercultural professional over 20 years in academia and the arts in Indonesia and Australia. Elly gained a double degree in Asian Studies (Specialist Indonesia) and Visual Arts (Hons) and a PhD in the same fields from the Australian National University. She is the author of Artists and the People: Ideologies of Indonesian Art (2022) NUS Press, and co-editor (with Virginia Hooker and Caroline Turner) of Living Art: Indonesian Artists Engage Politics, Society and History (2022) ANU Press.

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