William Gourlay

William Gourlay

William Gourlay is a researcher at the Middle East Studies Forum in the Alfred Deakin Institute at Deakin University. He is also completing a PhD, looking at Kurdish identity and citizenship at Monash University.

Electoral victories for Rouhani – is Iran set for reform?

Rather than a portent for reform, Iran’s recent election results could reflect broader divisions in the country Results in Iran’s general elections of 26 February were swiftly hailed as a victory for President Hassan Rouhani. The success of Rouhani’s centrist and reform-inclined ‘list of hope’ in the parliament was mirrored by the election of a …

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Turkey votes for ‘stability’

There are disturbing signs that the latest electoral victory for President Erdoğan’s party could result in the entrenchment of an authoritarian regime. WILLIAM GOURLAY looks at the lead-up to the 1 November elections, and the aftermath. The general election in Turkey on 1 November surprised pundits and politicians alike when the Justice and Development Party …

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