About Stephen Szuster

Stephen Szuster is a graduate of Flinders University and staff cadet at the Royal Military College Duntroon.


North Korea: impulsive and reckless on the outside, rational and strategic within


North Korea’s nuclear weapons capabilities will not undermine the current deterrence system and regional balance of power nor lead to a nuclear arms race, writes Stephen Szuster The resumption of a nuclear weapons program in North Korea and its successive missile tests in recent months have stoked great alarm, especially when the regime is routinely […]


The real value of the China–Pakistan Corridor


China’s ambitious plan to develop a corridor to the Indian Ocean through Pakistan may be about much more than providing energy security, argues Stephen Szuster China’s profound dependence on the free flow of resources, goods and people through the Indian Ocean Region is no more evident than in terms of energy security. As the world’s […]


Karachi’s looming water crisis


Water shortages pose a grave threat to Pakistan’s viability From 2600 to 1700 BCE the Indus Valley Civilisation flourished as one of the cradles of civilisation. At its peak, it had a population of five million and sustained cities of up to 50,000 people. This was made possible by sophisticated irrigation systems that featured sewers, […]