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Dr Pawan Singh is a New Generation Network scholar in contemporary history at Deakin University and the Australia India Institute, University of Melbourne.


Safety of cows, sacrifice of minorities: cow vigilantism in India


In a new regime that protects the welfare of cattle, the Indian government overlooks the safety and livelihood of its minorities, argues Pawan Singh Restrictions on buying and selling cows and other cattle in open livestock markets in India began in May 2017 when the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change implemented the Supreme […]


Did economics triumph in Uttar Pradesh?

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The BJP’s landslide victory in this populous Indian state reflects a potentially combustible mix of old and new, write Pawan Singh and Jonathan Balls The unexpected landslide victory in this month’s Uttar Pradesh elections by the party of prime minister Narendra Modi has fuelled a debate about whether politics is changing in North India’s populous […]