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Anna Kent is a PhD student at Deakin University in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, researching the history of Australian government education aid to the Pacific.

Australia - Asia relations, Australia Relations

International education is not just important for universities, it has shaped our nation.


“Three Malayan freshers have a friendly chat with two Australian “oldtimers”. From left to right are: Miss Helen Friday, Miss Nafsiah binti Abdul Kadit, of Malaya, Mr Pang Khok Khee, of Malaya, Mr Choo See Mun, of Malaya and Mr Robert Bunton. Photographer, Neil Murray, NAA: A1501, A2254/1 International education is in crisis, both in […]

Australia - Asia relations

Development or diplomacy? The rebranding of the Australia Awards


The Australian government’s primary intentions for its awards program for developing countries in the region may be at variance with its stated objectives, writes Anna Kent The Australian government has been offering scholarships to students from developing countries in our region since around the middle of last century. The scholarships became the start of what […]