ASAA books, Japan

The Anti-nuclear Movement and Street Politics in Japan after Fukushima


Alexander Brown is the author of the newly-released book ‘Anti-nuclear Protest in Post-Fukushima Tokyo: Power Struggles’ with the ASAA East Asian Series published by Routledge. Since the election of the LDP-Komeito coalition government in December 2012, the government’s introduction of controversial legislation to protect state secrets and expand the role of Japan’s military in external […]

ASAA prizes, Timor-Leste

Gendered Narratives of Development and Modernity from Indonesian-Occupied East Timor


Dr Hannah Loney was awarded the 2017 ASAA Postdoctoral Fellowship, here she tells us more about her work on East Timor. Can you tell us a bit about your research? What’s the problem it explores? As part of my ASAA Postdoctoral Fellowship, I am developing a short piece on violence, biopolitics, and regimes of the […]