‘Great Game’ returns to Central Asia with new players


A return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan would likely see a repeat of their previous policies, writes Rajkumar Singh. In the past two years the Taliban’s strength in Afghanistan has been restored and dozens of other militia groups, operating inside and outside the country, are cooperating with the Taliban leadership. While a return […]

Hong Kong

The end of CY Leung


Hong Kong’s embattled leader CY Leung, who has announced he won’t be seeking a second term as chief executive, could not have foreseen how muscular and categorical the leadership from Beijing would be, writes Kerry Brown. CY Leung, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), was always a slightly unusual occupant of the […]


Jayalalithaa: death of a political mother goddess


India’s most populous state, Tamil Nadu, faces uncertain political times following the death of its charismatic chief minister, Jayalalitha, writes Peter Mayer The unexpected death of J Jayalalithaa1, five-time chief minister of India’s populous Tamil Nadu state, evoked an eruption of mass grief. Four hundred and seventy people are reported to have died of shock […]

The Philippines

Filipino youth show their democratic colours


Young people in the Philippines are reawakening to their historical role of initiating social and political change, Michael Henry Yusingco believes. Returning home recently to the Philippines to give a lecture on constitutional rights to a political science class at Ateneo de Manila University, I found myself, two days after the lecture, again with students […]