Japan’s declining youth crime?

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Contrary to popular belief, the number of juvenile offenders and cases in Japan has decreased significantly in recent years. In an interview with Ms Yoshiko Ohmachi, a Family Court probation officer for the Supreme Court of Japan, Stacey Steele explores the reasons behind the decline. SS: Ohmachi san, thank you for visiting the Melbourne Law […]

Asian studies

Staff cuts threaten ANU’s international reputation

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Students face uncertainty from staff cuts to ANU’s Asian studies Staff cuts announced last week at the Australian National University’s School of Culture, History and Language (CHL) are jeopardising the university’s position as a national and global leader in Indonesian studies. Understanding Indonesia, the largest country in Southeast Asia, is important for Australia’s national interest. […]


Pitfalls ahead as Myanmar advances along democratic road


Facing challenges on many fronts, the first priority for Myanmar’s new government is to curb the country’s systemic violence While seemingly dissimilar in every respect, Myanmar and the Middle East have arrived at an eerily similar ‘historical moment’ in their political trajectories. Both find themselves confronted by a range of domestic issues defined by pluralising […]

The Philippines

Tough guy wins in the Philippines, another tough guy waiting in the wings


There may be more to the Philippines’ new president Rodrigo Duterte than his tough guy image indicates In the populist theatrics that are Filipino politics, the overwhelming election of Rodrigo Duterte should not have come as a surprise, even if comparisons with US ‘outsider’ Donald Trump have been as common as they are inaccurate. Unlike […]


Bangladesh killings bring tensions between Islam and secularism to the fore


Violent extremists are exploiting the tensions and paradoxes of secularism in Bangladesh Bangladesh, a South Asian Muslim majority state with the fourth largest Muslim population, has seen a spate of religion-based killings since 2013. With especially the murder of an American citizen of Bangladeshi origin, Avijit Roy, in 2015, there has been unprecedented global media […]