Southeast Asia

ASEAN: 50 years of peace and prosperity with tough challenges ahead


Regional stability and economic prosperity are hallmarks of the ASEAN way, but on its fiftieth anniversary the association faces a demanding security environment that will surely test it, writes Sue Thompson Fifty years ago, when formal regional cooperation in Southeast Asia began, it was clear that non-interference had unanimous support.  In its inaugural declaration of […]

South Asia Studies

ASEAN Charter: deepening constitutionalism in Southeast Asia

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The growth of constitutionalism in Southeast Asia may seem slow or disorganised, but Marford Angeles and Michael Henry Yusingco consider its progress Over the years, much of the criticism levelled at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has been over its principles of consensus and of non-interference with the internal affairs of member states. However, […]


Cambodia military snub’s disturbing implications for Australia


Cambodia’s suspension of a military exercise with Australia this week is part of a long game being played by China, says John Blaxland What’s all the fuss about Cambodia’s suspended military exercise with Australia? Cambodia has been under considerable pressure from China to distance itself from the US and, to a lesser extent, Australia, for […]