Jonathan Bogais

Jonathan Bogais

Jonathan Bogais Dr Jean Jonathan Bogais, is a psycho-sociologist, analyst and negotiator specialising in conflict, violence ethics and complex systems - and in Southeast Asia. He is also an associate professor (adjunct) at the University of Sydney (School of Social and Political Sciences) and a senior fellow at the German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance in the Faculty of Law at Thammasat University, Bangkok. His website is

Radical uncertainty: Myanmar at a critical juncture

There are moments in history when time itself seems compressed, when so many shocking and important events crowd together that it becomes almost impossible to keep track of them, writes Jonathan Bogais The past few weeks in Myanmar have certainly been vertigo-inducing. The extreme violence perpetrated by the Tatmadaw (Myanmar military), Buddhist nationalist militias and […]

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Duterte plays a long game to secure Philippine advantage

Behind the crude populism, President Duterte has an intuitive grasp of what is best for the Philippines, Jonathan Bogais argues. Intellectual and political debate about Rodrigo Duterte since his election as Philippine president in June 2016 has been based on an abundance of bias and a paucity of fact. That Duterte is a populist and

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Pitfalls ahead as Myanmar advances along democratic road

Facing challenges on many fronts, the first priority for Myanmar’s new government is to curb the country’s systemic violence While seemingly dissimilar in every respect, Myanmar and the Middle East have arrived at an eerily similar ‘historical moment’ in their political trajectories. Both find themselves confronted by a range of domestic issues defined by pluralising

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Cambodia on the brink

With the main political opposition disabled and an increasingly authoritarian government, Cambodia faces a political crisis, writes JONATHAN BOGAIS. Cambodia is on the brink of a political crisis, facing a return to the autocratic modus operandi that has been the hallmark of its politics for many years. This follows a sudden government crackdown on the

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Myanmar’s toughest challenge lies ahead

Myanmar’s controversial race and religion laws could be a trigger for a revolt against the country’s newly elected government, warns JONATHAN BOGAIS. Speaking at his Masoe-yin monastery quarters in Mandalay about the National League for Democracy’s (NLD) victory in the historic Myanmar elections, U Wirathu, the leader of the Organisation for the Protection of Race

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Portrait of a pragmatist

Hun Sen’s Cambodia. By Sebastian Strangio. Yale University Press, 2014. 322pp. During a recent conversation, a foreign affairs official confided to me his views on the remarkable development experienced by Cambodia in the last 30 years but, as I listened to him, it struck me as amazing that he knew so little about the recent

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