About Duncan Graham

Duncan Graham is an Australian journalist living in Malang, East Java.

Australia - Asia relations

Australia Plus is a minus


                                                      Australia is failing to broadcast its best television into Southeast Asia, a serious missed opportunity, argues Duncan Graham Most nations strive to show their best sides to the world through international TV channels, seen as effective means of building rapport and dispelling distrust. On these platforms they serve documentaries, dramas and newscasts made […]


Correspondence: Indonesia’s democratic moments


The smartphone election Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi’s) inauguration as Indonesia’s seventh president this month, after trouncing the swaggering former Kopassus (Special Forces) commander Prabowo Subianto by a margin of 6 per cent in July, is an event of seismic significance, not just for the Republic but for all of us. It proves what’s possible and gives […]