K-pop syncs to the politics of protest


K-pop is evolving, writes Roald Maliangkaij—but you wouldn’t know if you listened The term K-pop is one of the latest additions to the lexicon of global fads. Since the late 1990s, when Korean pop acts began to sell out stadiums across Northeast Asia, it has become a label for perfectly synced and well-behaved, fast R&B-based […]

China, Taiwan

Asian pop: China’s new power confrontation


China’s heavy-handed approach towards a young flag-waving Taiwanese pop star may have influenced the recent Taiwan election result The recent Taiwanese election resulted in a landslide victory for the Democratic Progressive Party. From May, the Taiwanese ‘separatists’ will have the majority in the legislative assembly for the first time ever. Although Tsai Ing-Wen’s victory in […]