Fukushima nuclear disaster

Fukushima nuclear disaster

Rethinking the political in an age of disasters

In disaster-prone Japan, ‘living politics’ has responded when government has failed. TESSA MORRIS-SUZUKI explains. Politics is usually equated with the formal mechanisms of government: national constitutions, parliaments, cabinets, prime ministers or presidents, elections, party platforms. We also think of it as including local institutions like city councils, and international bodies like the United Nations. We …

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Life in a Fukushima world

The focus of sovereign intervention in response to the nuclear meltdowns since 3/11 risks long-term consequences for short-term gains, writes Adam Broinowski. The meltdowns of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) since the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March 2011 (3/11) have exposed not only the dangers of nuclear power but the visibility of …

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