Announcing the 2021-2022 ASAA Executive Council

We’re pleased to announce that the executive council for 2021-2022 has been confirmed. Congratulations and many thanks to those who nominated for postions; we warmly welcome new members in many positions and look forward to their contributions.
Many thanks are also due to the 2019-2020 Executive Council for their hardwork over an especially difficult period during which, under the leadership of Professor Edward Aspinall, the ASAA continued to represent and advocate for Asian studies in Australian universities, and to draw attention to the importance of maintaining and reinvigorating Asian studies for the benefit of the whole of Australian society.

  • President – Associate Professor Kate McGregor, University of Melbourne
  • Past President – Professor Edward Aspinall, ANU
  • Vice-President – Associate Professor Melissa Crouch, UNSW
  • Secretary – Associate Professor Carol Hayes, ANU
  • Treasurer – Dr Elisabeth Kramer, University of Sydney
  • Publications Officer – Dr Georgina Drew, University of Adelaide
  • Asian Studies Review – Associate Professor David Hundt, Deakin University
  • South Asia Councillor – Dr Nisha Thapliyal, University of Newcastle
  • Southeast Asia Councillor – Dr Arjun Subrahmanyan, Murdoch University
  • Japan & Korea Councillor – Dr Kayoko Hashimoto, University of Queensland
  • West, Inner and Central Asia Councillor – Professor Li Narangoa, ANU
  • China Councillor – Dr Yu Tao
  • Postgraduate Representative – Elena Williams
  • Library Representative – Dr Rheny Pulungan, Monash University
1st December, 2020