2022 Wang Gungwu Prize

2022 Wang Gungwu Prize

The Wang Gungwu Prize for the best Asian Studies review article in 2022 has been awarded to Associate Professor Hyun-ho Joo for his paper Envisaging East Asia: Korean daily newspapers’ interpretations of Sun Yatsen’s Pan-Asianism speech.

The Committee endorsed the article in the following way: “Based on content analysis of newspaper reporting and commentaries on Sun Yatsen’s 1924 Kobe speech in three papers in colonial Korea, this article is an empirically rich and fascinating account of the complex reverberations of pan-Asianism in 1920s East Asia. It skilfully illuminates diverse Korean voices, explains the background of various key media organisations, and clearly explains the limitations of Sun’s vision of Asia (e.g., Sinocentric, supportive of China-Japan alliance, pro-Japan, and indifferent to Japanese colonization of Korea). This is a well written and structured, richly detailed and convincing piece of scholarly work. It was a pleasure to read.”

Hyun-ho Joo is an Associate Professor at Yonsei University’s Wonju Campus in Korea. His research interests are the history of Sino-Korean relations and the cultural interactions between China and Korea in the early twentieth century. He is working on Korean print media’s delivery of China-related news as a strategy of disseminating Korean nationalism under the Japanese colonial censorship.

Congratulations to Hyun-hu Joo! We also thank this year’s Prize Committee, Kaori Okano, Matthew Galway and Ruth Barraclough, for their service to ASAA.

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More about the Wang Gungwu Prize

The Wang Gungwu Prize was established and funded as an annual prize by the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) in 2013 to recognise and encourage scholarly excellence in its flagship journal, Asian Studies Review. It recognises the best article published in Asian Studies Review in the calendar year.

The Prize is named in honour of Professor Wang Gungwu, the distinguished historian who has contributed enormously to scholarship not only in Australia but also in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Professor Wang was also a key person behind the formation of the ASAA in 1976 and has served as its president.

The Wang Gungwu Prize is an award of $1,500.

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