Countering violent extremism in Pakistan


In the wake of a major terrorist attack on a Sufi shrine in Pakistan earlier this year, Zahid Shahab Ahmed discusses the way ahead for countering violent religious extremism in the country Acts of terrorism in Pakistan have decreased significantly in the past couple of years, but the rise in violent extremism is alarming. The […]

The Philippines

Martial law in the southern Philippines: understanding the fine print


Understanding the introduction of martial law on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines is a matter of understanding the fine print. Michael Henry Ll. Yusingco explains Filipinos were caught off-guard by President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of martial law over Mindanao on May 23 this year, however their reaction was one of measured acceptance. In […]

Japan, Japan - Australia relations

Shouting at Japan won’t stop Antarctic whaling


Protests against Japanese whaling in the Antarctic Ocean are counterproductive and strengthen Japan’s resolve to continue its operations, argues Ishii Atsushi On 31 March 2017 Japanese whaling ships returned home after a four-and-a-half month whaling operation in the Antarctic during the Austral summer, catching 333 minke whales based on Japan’s newly implemented scientific whale research […]


China’s Confucius Institute: working to plan?


Confucius Institutes make a valuable contribution to Chinese language teaching and learning abroad, but Jeffrey Gil questions their impact on China’s international profile China sees promoting the study of its language as a way of conveying knowledge and understanding of itself, its culture, history and politics. The promotion of language and culture is part of […]


No obituary yet: Thai democracy and the 1932 revolution


A modest plaque has disappeared from the pavement at the Royal Plaza in Thailand. Arjun Subrahmanyan considers the wider significance of its removal The recent disappearance of a plaque commemorating the 1932 revolution in Siam shows the suspicion over popular sovereignty that still prevails in the country. The event, staged by a group of commoners […]