Australia - Asia relations

Development or diplomacy? The rebranding of the Australia Awards


The Australian government’s primary intentions for its awards program for developing countries in the region may be at variance with its stated objectives, writes Anna Kent The Australian government has been offering scholarships to students from developing countries in our region since around the middle of last century. The scholarships became the start of what […]


Park’s impeachment unlikely to end South Korea’s political saga


South Korea prepares for new presidential elections in 60 days—and the new president will face immediate pressing issues, writes Hyung-A Kim At 11am Seoul time last Friday (10 March), eight judges of South Korea’s Constitutional Court, in a nationally televised decision, ruled unanimously to remove President Park Geun-hye from office on 13 charges. ‘Her violations […]


Cambodia military snub’s disturbing implications for Australia


Cambodia’s suspension of a military exercise with Australia this week is part of a long game being played by China, says John Blaxland What’s all the fuss about Cambodia’s suspended military exercise with Australia? Cambodia has been under considerable pressure from China to distance itself from the US and, to a lesser extent, Australia, for […]