Winter Olympics site becomes battleground for IOC ideals

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What can the International Olympic Committee do when a host city refuses to heed its advice? HAYDEN OPIE, STACEY STEELE and SARAH YANG team up with Korean lawyer JI HOON PARK to analyse the controversy over a site for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. With the XXIII Olympic Winter Games scheduled to […]

The Philippines

How political dynasties undermine local governance in the Philippines


MICHAEL YUSINGCO laments the malign effect of political dynasties on the Philippines. Most Filipinos would concede the country’s political system is controlled by traditional political families. A Sydney Morning Herald article in 2012, on the Marcos family, described the family as a ‘dynasty on steroids’—a term that could aptly be ascribed to many other political […]


Decoding the landscape: finding meaning in Northeast Asia’s urban green spaces


BEN HABIB combines his interests in permaculture and international relations to reflect on the greening of urban landscapes in China and Korea. Landscapes—urban built environments, rural agricultural settings and wilderness areas—can be a rich source of information about the political economy and culture of a country. Through my academic interests in international environmental politics I […]


Protest, voting and having a say: is the sleepy Japanese student waking up?

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The lowering of Japan’s voting age, coupled with Shinzo Abe’s controversial reform agenda, may see a stirring among Japanese students.


Indonesians relearning the art of healthy eating


Food scares and unhealthy eating habits lead to a revival of interest in traditional foods among Indonesia’s middle class. ANGIE BEXLEY reports. Anthropological studies into food tend to focus on class, identity and wider socio-historical and political changes in society. So, what would a project look like that not only attempts to do anthropology about […]