The ASAA makes regular submissions to governments and universities on matters relating to Asian Studies, the professional interests of our members, tertiary and secondary education about Asia, and Asia-Australia relations.

Recent examples include:

  • The ASAA submission to the 2019 Review of the APSA Journal List (July 2019).
  • A contribution to the TUNE Review of the National Archives of Australia (June 2019).
  • A submission on Shaping the National Foundation for Australia-China relations (June 2019).
  • A submission to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification review on FOR codes related to Asia-focused research (June 2019)
  • A statement from the Executive on political interference in the Australian Research Council grant allocation (October 2018)
  • The ASAA Submission to the Foreign Policy White Paper consultation process led by DFAT (28 February 2017)
  • The Journal Ranking List prepared by the ASAA Journals, Engagement and Impact Working Group for ASAA member consultation (22 February 2017)
  • The ASAA NISA Direct Advice to the Australian Research Council on its proposed impact and engagement assessment exercise (22 August 2016)
  • The ASAA letter to ANU Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and Dean by ASAA President Louise Edwards (20 January 2016)
  • The ASAA submission to the Draft National Strategy on International Education –  ASAA_submission by ASAA President Louise Edwards (29 May 2015)
  • The ASAA submission to the National Curriculum Inquiry by ASAA President John Ingleson (27 February 2014)
  • The ASAA submission to the Inquiry into the Higher Education Support Amendment (Asian Century) Bill by ASAA President John Ingleson (13 March 2013)
  • The ASAA submission on the Draft F-12 Australian Curriculum: Geography for the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority by ASAA Councillor Deborah Henderson (1 March 2012)
  • The ASAA submission to the Henry Commission leading to the White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century by ASAA President Purnendra Jain (25 February 2012)

For media enquiries in relation to any of these submissions, please contact the Secretary.