Reid Prize 2023-4 Nomination Form

Reid Prize 2023-4 Nomination Form

Reid Prize 2023-4 Nomination Form

Please ensure you have read and understood the eligibility criteria and other terms and conditions outlined on main Reid Prize page. 

ASAA Reid Prize 2023-2024 Nomination Form

Use this form to nominate a book for the Reid Prize 2023-2024

Full name of nominator(Required)
Full name of second nominator
Two ASAA members are eligible to nominate a book. The presidents of the subregional councils or NZ Asia can nominate a book alone.
How are you eligible to nominate a book for the Reid Prize?(Required)

Provide title of work, publisher and date of publication of hard copy
Australian / New Zealand university
Is the author(s) currently a member of ASAA or NZ Asia?(Required)

Author/s must be a member of the ASAA or NZ Asia at the time of nomination
Please provide a brief summary of the book. This may be the book abstract.
Please provide a brief explanation of the methodology and approach of the book
Please explain the significance of the book and its contribution to the field. In particular, explain how the nominated book has made, or is making, a significant contribution to promoting understanding of Asia internationally, and how the book has, or will have, substantial scholarly impact. The nominator may refer to evidence such as book reviews, notable mentions, blog posts, uptake of the book, use of the book in teaching curriculum, public endorsements, book launches or panels, as relevant to the genre and field of the work etc.
The nominator confirms that they have provided an e-version of the book to the prize committee. They will send a hardcopy to each committee member upon receipt of their postal address from the prize organiser no later than one month after the closing date(Required)
Note: it is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure that the publisher sends the committee hardcopies of the book, otherwise the nomination will be considered incomplete.
The author(s) confirms that if they are the winner of the Prize, they will be available to serve on a future ASAA prize committee if needed(Required)
The nominator confirms that the above information is true and accurate(Required)

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