John Legge Prize Past Winners

John Legge Prize

John Legge Prize Past Winners


2023 Winner: Lukas Fort – University of Western Australia, ‘Making Indonesia clean from waste: The role of culture in the development of new waste management services in Sumbawa, Indonesia

2023 Honourable Mention: Sarah Gosper – University of Melbourne, ‘Modest Expectations: Masculinity, Marriage, and the Good Life in Urban China

2023 Honourable Mention: Felix Pal – ANU, ‘Weaponised Pluralism: Why Hindu Nationalists Need Muslim Friends

2022 Winner: Kaira Zoe Alburo Cañete – University of New South Wales, ‘Becoming Resilient: Disaster Recovery in Post-Yolanda Philippines through Women’s Eyes

2022 Runner-up: Jarrah Sastrawan – University of Sydney, The Precarious Past: Historical Practices in Indic Java

2021 Winner: Cheng Nien Yuan – University of Sydney, ‘The Storytelling State: Performing Life Histories in Singapore

2021 Runner-up: Rebecca Meckelburg – Murdoch University, ‘Subaltern Agency and the Political Economy of Rural Social Change


2020 Winner: Sophie Chao – Macquarie University
In the Shadow of the Palms: Plant-Human Relations Among the Marind-Anim, West Papua

2019 Winner: Gwyn Andrew McClelland – Monash University
Legacies of Suffering, Theologies of Hope: Nagasaki Catholics, the Bomb and Dangerous Memory

2019 Runner-up: Eve Warburton – Australian National University
Our Resources, Our Rules: A Political Economy of Nationalism in Indonesia’s Natural Resources Sectors

2018 Winner: Kathryn Dyt – Australian National University
The Nguyễn Weather-World: Environment, Emotion and Governance in Nineteenth-Century Vietnam

2018 Runner-up: Rebecca Gidley – Australian National University
Illiberal Transitional Justice: The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

2017 Winner: Annie McCarthy – Australian National University
Under Development: Stories of Children and NGOs in Delhi, India

2016 Winner: Jess Melvin – Melbourne University
Mechanics of Mass Murder: how the Indonesian Military Initiated and Implemented the Indonesian Genocide—The Case of Aceh

2016 Runner-up: Le Hoang Ngoc Yen – Australian National University
Living Leprosy in Vietnam: Care, Affliction and Agency in the Shadows of a Cure

2015 Winner: Cindy Bryson – Australian National University
A valuable life: seeing transformative practice among Phnom Penh’s waste pickers

2015 Runner-up: Stephanie Chok – Murdoch University
Labour justice and political responsibility: an ethics-centred approach to temporary low-paid labour migration in Singapore

2014 Joint Winner: Vannessa Hearman – University of Melbourne
Dismantling the “Fortress”: East Java and the Transition to Suharto’s New Order Regime

2014 Joint Winner: Charanpal Singh Bal – Murdoch University
The Politics of Obedience: Bangladeshi Construction Workers and the Migrant Labour Regime in Singapore’ 

2014 Runner-up: Tom Cliff – Australian National University
Oil and Water: Experiences of Being Han in 21st-Century Korla, Xinjiang

2013 Winner: Nicholas Cheesman – Australian National University
The Politics of Law and Order in Myanmar

2013 Runner-up: Mark Pendleton – University of Melbourne
Sarin Traces: Memory Texts and Practices in Postward Japan, 1995-2010

2012 Winner: Hongwei Bao – University of Sydney
Queer comrades: gay identity and politics in post socialist China

2011 Winner: Dr Roberto Manuel Benedicto – University of Melbourne
Bright Lights, Gay Globality: Mobility, Class, and Gay Life in Twenty-first Century Manila


2010 Winner: Dr William Fryer – University of Queensland
Interpretive and source-oriented approaches: modern Japanese free verse poetry in English translation

2009 Winner: Assistant Professor Nanlai Cao – ANU
Constructing China’s Jerusalem: Christians, Power and Place in Contemporary Wenzhou

2008 Winner: Dr Damien Evans – University of Sydney
Putting Angkor on the Map: a New Survey of a Khmer “Hydraulic City” in Historical and Theoretical Context

2007 Winner: Dr Wasan Panyagaew – ANU
Moving Dai: Towards an anthropology of people “living in place” in the borderlands of the upper Mekong

2006 Joint Winner: Dr Katharine McKinnon – ANU
Locating Post-Development Subjects: discourses of intervention and identification in the highlands of northern Thailand

2006 Joint Winner: Dr Romit Dasgupta – Curtin University of Technology
Crafting Masculinity: Negotiating Masculine Identities in the Japanese Workplace

2005 Winner: Dr Adam Bowles – La Trobe University
Dharma, Disorder and the Political in Ancient India

2004 Joint Winner: Dr Kaosar Afsana – Edith Cowan University
Power, Knowledge and Childbirth Practices: An Ethnographic Exploration in Bangladesh

2004 Joint Winner: Dr Kama Maclean – La Trobe University
Power and Pilgrimage: The Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, 1765-1954

2003 Winner: Dr Linda Rae Bennett – University of Queensland
Dialectics of Desire and Danger: maidenhood, sexuality and modernity in Mataram, eastern Indonesia

2002 Winner: Dr Beatrice Trefalt – Murdoch University
Unexpected Returns: stragglers of the Imperial Army and memories of the Second World War in Japan, 1950-1975

2001 Winner: Dr Michael Laffan – University of Sydney
The Umma Below the Winds: Mecca, Cairo, Reformist Islam and a Conceptualization of Indonesia


2000 Winner: Dr Koichi Iwabuchi – University of Western Sydney
Returning to Asia: Japan in the Cultural Dynamics of Globalization, Localization and Asianization

1999 Winner: Dr Michael Barr – University of Queensland
Lee Kuan Yew: The Beliefs behind the Man

1998 Winner: Dr Seung-Ho Kwon – UNSW
Control and Conflict: the Historical Development of Labour Management within the Hyundai Business Group, 1946-1995

1997 Winner: Dr Mark Hudson – ANU
Ruins of Identity: Ethnogenesis on the Japanese Island, 400 BC to AC 1400

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