Past Winners Postdoctoral Fellowship/Postdoctoral Writing Grant

ASAA Postdoctoral Writing Grant

Past Winners Postdoctoral Fellowship/Postdoctoral Writing Grant


Ahmad Rizky M Umar – University of Queensland: Constructing Asia: Geography, Identity and the Making of Global Orders

Annie Wu – University of Sydney: Timorese Participants in Australian Seasonal Workers Programme: Migration, Remittances, and Development


Justine Chambers – The Australian National University:
Using the grant to ready her thesis, ‘Pursuing Mortality: Everyday Ethics among Karen Buddhists in Southeastern Myanmar’, for publication.


Hannah Loney – University of Melbourne:
Violence, biopolitics, and family planning in Indonesian-occupied East Timor


Catherine Smith – The Australian National University:
War, medicine and morality in Aceh: an ethnography of trauma as an idiom of distress

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