Past Event Grant Winners

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Past Event Grant Winners




  • Thushara Dibley, The University of Sydney – Digital Research in Southeast Asia
    Event location: University of Sydney, 18 August
  • Caroline Turner, The Australian National University – Asian Diasporas/TransPacific Contexts and Global Art
    Event location: ANU, 28-29 September
  • Stephen Whiteman, The University of Sydney – Gender in Southeast Asian Art Histories
    Event location: University of Sydney, 11-13 October


  • Chloe Gill-Khan, University of South Australia – Disentangling the Politics of ‘Crisis’: The Pakistanis State(s), governance and culture from within
    Event location: ICAS, 5-9 July
  • Romit Dasgupta, University of Western Australia – Bringing Turkey in ‘Asia’ and ‘Asian Studies’ in Australia
    Event location: University of Adelaide, 5-9 July
  • Nicholas Cheesman, The Australian National University – Myanmar/Burma Update 2015
    Event location: ANU, 19-20 June


  • Marshall Clark, Australian National University – Labour Migration in the Asia-Pacific: Race, History and Heritage
    Event location: ANU, 14-15 February
  • Vannessa Hearman, The University of Sydney – New Perspectives on the 1965 Violence in Indonesia
    Event location: ANU, 11 – 13 February

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