ASAA Mentoring Program

ASAA Mentoring Program

ASAA Postgraduate Mentoring Program

The ASAA Postgraduate Mentoring Program is intended to support postgraduates and those who are within two years of their PhD or equivalent (taking into account career interruptions).

We hope to be able to offer one-on-one mentoring with an ASAA member. Our aim is to match postgraduates with a mentor in their field (being careful to make sure you are not assigned your own supervisor).

We aim to offer a choice of two different formats for mentoring a) to work on a publication related to their thesis and the topic on which they submitted an abstract for the conference or b) to simply connect for more general academic mentoring.

Mentoring for publication: once matched with a mentor, mentees will be asked to send a piece of writing with an eye to preparing it for eventual submission for publication. Mentors will read no more than two drafts of the article and either provide written feedback or instead they may choose to speak over Zoom or similar.

General academic mentoring: this would amount to two meetings of one hour each.

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