The 2022 call for applications has been postponed due to the prevailing restircitions on gatherings and mobility. The call for grant applications will be announced in early 2021.

Event Funding Scheme: Call for Applications 2018

For the 2018 round, the ASAA expects to fund up to two events, to an amount capped at $6,000 per event, for events scheduled in 2019. Only applications from current financial members of the ASAA will be considered.

Applications should be submitted to the ASAA President Professor Kent Anderson (, on or before 30 November 2018.

Overview of the Scheme

Applications are open to ASAA members who wish to organise a workshop, symposium or conference that will be of interest and value to other ASAA members and the broader scholarly community. The ASAA will consider activities which:

  • Facilitate research-oriented networking;
  • Build the skills of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and postgraduate students;
  • Advance the primary goal of the ASAA, namely to promote interest and expertise in the study of Asia; and/or
  • Support collaboration between scholars and universities to generate growth and visibility for Asian Studies.

One round of funding will be disbursed every two years, in the year of the ASAA Biennial Conference, subject to the availability of funds. The total sum available for the Scheme will be advised by the Treasurer before every round, and the ASAA Council will determine the maximum sum available per grant, calculated in proportion to the total sum available. All funds should normally be spent in the calendar year after they are awarded, so that funded events are held in alternate years to the ASAA Biennial Conference.

Where registration fees are charged for participation in a funded event, there should be a reduced fee for ASAA members, and fee structures should provide an incentive to participating non-members to join the ASAA. All funded events should acknowledge the support of the ASAA in all their publicity and reporting materials. Each successful first-named applicant should provide a report, consisting of not more than a single A4 page, to the ASAA within one month of completing the funded event.

The ASAA will not fund research projects or publication costs, nor will the ASAA Event Funding Scheme fund any part of the ASAA Biennial Conference. The ASAA reserves the right to fund successful applications to a total less than the amount requested by the applicant(s).

Administration Of The Scheme

The ASAA Executive will appoint a small committee of ASAA Council members (3-5 people) to review applications on their merits. In assessing proposals, attention will be given to the overall integrity of the proposal in terms of the criteria set out below, including the soundness of the budget and its justification.

Application Procedure

  1. On a single A4 sheet of paper, please provide the following information:
  • Your event title;
  • The timing of your event;
  • The location of your event;
  • The amount requested;
  • The name of the applicant(s) and their institutional affiliations;
  • The mailing address of the first-named applicant;
  • The email address and telephone number of the first-named applicant; and
  • Evidence of the first-named applicant’s membership of the ASAA.

2. On no more than two A4 sheets of paper, please provide the following information:

  • The main aim(s) of the event;
  • The significance and innovative aspects of the event;
  • A statement of how the event will provide opportunities to ECRs and/or postgraduate students;
  • A statement of how the event will advance and/or develop expertise in Asian Studies, including collaborations;
  • A statement on the track record of the first-named applicant in leading or assisting with similar events;
  • Details of additional funding, from sources other than the ASAA, already won or being sought for the event;
  • A budget and an accompanying statement justifying how the funds requested will be spent.

Other Details

Grants will only be advanced to, and must be acquitted by, a university research office. This scheme qualifies as Category 3 external research funding.

We encourage applicants to submit publications generated from their funded events to the ASAA journal, Asian Studies Review.

Events Previously Funded