The following elected positions on the ASAA Executive and Council fall vacant in January 2019, and are now open for election. The term of office is two years. To qualify for nomination, a person must be a current financial member of the ASAA, nominated by two current financial members of the ASAA, and consent to nomination on this form.

Please note that aside from acknowledging receipt, the Secretary will not initiate or respond to any correspondence in relation to submitted forms. It is the responsibility of candidates to ensure that the nomination form has been correctly completed, and that the nominee and the two nominators are financial members of the ASAA.

List of positions falling vacant:

Executive: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
Council: 1 China Representative, 1 Japan and Korea Representative, 1 South Asia Representative, 1 Southeast Asia Representative; 1 West, Inner and Central Asia Representative; 1 General Councillor, 1 Teachers’ Representative, 1 Postgraduate Representative

Nomination forms must be submitted via email to the Secretary:

Professor Sandra Wilson
School of Arts, Murdoch University

Nominations close on Wednesday 7 November 2018.

After this date, electronic ballots will be conducted for contested positions.


Office (President, Secretary, etc.):    ______________________________________

Name of person nominated (please print):  __________________________________________________________________

Email contact of person nominated:        _______________________________________

I consent to this nomination (signature):   _______________________________________

Date:   _______________________________________

Nominated by:

Name:  _____________________                  Name:    _____________________

Signature:   _______________________         Signature:    _____________________

Date:      ______________                                  Date:     _____________________