Islam set to remain key contest point in Malaysian politics


The deepening Islamisation of Malaysia has echoes in the current populism policies of the US and Europe, writes Gerhard Hoffstaedter The Islamisation of Malaysian society has received much attention over the last few decades. Much scholarship has focused on the changing daily lives of Muslims, how Malaysness and Islam were fused into a nationalist project […]


Immigration is South Korea’s only solution


South Korea is facing a demographic crisis, writes David Hundt It’s going to take something radical to arrest South Korea’s demographic and social decline. Societies can counter population decline by having more babies, allowing more immigration, or a combination of the two. The government has bet on increasing South Korea’s birth rate to overcome its […]


Two decades of preaching with the pen


Significant shifts have occurred in the Indonesian literary landscape, particularly the growing popularity of Islamic women writers, reports Meg Downes. This year marks 20 years since the establishment of Indonesian Islamic writers’ organisation Forum Lingkar Pena (FLP, Pen Circle Forum). Founded at Universitas Indonesia (UI) in February 1997 by author Helvy Tiana Rosa, FLP’s mission […]

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