2020 Reviewing Asian Studies, Asian languages, Asian studies, Australia - Indonesia relations, Indonesia

The state of Indonesian language in Australian universities: the past 20 years.


A recent volume tracing ‘the journey of Australia’s first Asian language’ (Thomas, 2019) finds that, while successive Australian governments have identified Indonesia as Australia’s most important neighbour and as a key to Australia’s prosperity and security, this recognition has not sustained interest among Australians in studying the language. For the last two decades, the study […]

2020 Reviewing Asian Studies, Asian studies, South Asia Studies

South Asian Studies in Australia


South Asian studies has had a sustained presence in Australia, but the growth of the field has largely been driven by the collective and individual efforts of scholars of South Asia working in the Humanities and Social Sciences across various universities. Government and university support for South Asian studies has waxed and waned and has […]

2020 Reviewing Asian Studies, Asian studies

Asian Law in Australian Universities: Research centres as critical institutional commitments


In November 2019, Edward Aspinall and I convened a workshop on the state of Asian Studies in Australia. Bringing together leading academics in Asian Studies, we discussed the state of the field for the past two decades (2000-2020) across the disciplines (law, political science, international relations, anthropology, history), languages (Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese) and area […]

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