Cambodia: a democracy no longer, descends into autocratic rule


The steady erosion of democracy in Cambodia has been dramatically accelerated during 2017, writes Carlyle A. Thayer One of the world’s longest serving leaders, Hun Sen, Cambodia’s Prime Minister, has since 2016 set about deliberately dismantling his country’s democratic system. Month by month, the country’s political opposition has been eviscerated through a combination of coercion […]

Southeast Asia

ASEAN: 50 years of peace and prosperity with tough challenges ahead


Regional stability and economic prosperity are hallmarks of the ASEAN way, but on its fiftieth anniversary the association faces a demanding security environment that will surely test it, writes Sue Thompson Fifty years ago, when formal regional cooperation in Southeast Asia began, it was clear that non-interference had unanimous support.  In its inaugural declaration of […]


Instant divorce invalid: the Indian Supreme Court judgment


  Women’s rights are upheld and Muslim personal laws remain in place but discriminatory measures remain, writes Ronojoy Sen, as he details how the landmark decision came about By uttering ‘talaq’ three times in quick succession, Muslim men in India have been able to divorce their wives. In a recent ruling, the Supreme Court of […]

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