Personal bankruptcy law needed in China’s growing credit card society

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With the huge availability and take-up of consumer credit in China over the past five years, new legislation for consumer bankruptcy is necessary, argues Huifen YIN in an interview with Stacey Steele SS: Many people would be surprised to know China does not have a personal bankruptcy law. Why is there such a gap in […]

Australia - Asia relations

What students learn about Asia is outdated and needs to change


The profound economic, political and cultural changes taking place in Asia, and in Australia, demand new ways of thinking about relations between the two, writes Fazal Rizvi The idea that all Australian students should develop a deeper understanding of Asian languages and cultures is not new. Some elements of this thinking go back to the […]


K-pop syncs to the politics of protest


K-pop is evolving, writes Roald Maliangkaij—but you wouldn’t know if you listened The term K-pop is one of the latest additions to the lexicon of global fads. Since the late 1990s, when Korean pop acts began to sell out stadiums across Northeast Asia, it has become a label for perfectly synced and well-behaved, fast R&B-based […]

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