North Korea: can we learn to stop worrying and love the bomb?


Despite efforts to dissuade North Korea from its current path, the reclusive regime continues to pursue its military program with increasing intensity. Bernard F. W. Loo considers the options On 3 September 2017, North Korea conducted its 6th nuclear test. This nuclear test comes hot on the heels of the 29 August test of a […]

South Asia Studies

ASEAN Charter: deepening constitutionalism in Southeast Asia

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The growth of constitutionalism in Southeast Asia may seem slow or disorganised, but Marford Angeles and Michael Henry Yusingco consider its progress Over the years, much of the criticism levelled at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has been over its principles of consensus and of non-interference with the internal affairs of member states. However, […]

Hong Kong

Hong Kong twenty years on: reasons to be cheerful


A new mindset seems to be emerging from Beijing and it has increased anxiety levels in Hong Kong, but it is too early to write off the resilience of the Hong Kongese, writes Kerry Brown Twenty years after the handover from British to Chinese sovereignty there seems nothing but perpetual gloom in the Hong Kong. […]

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