Australia - Asia relations

Australia Plus is a minus


                                                      Australia is failing to broadcast its best television into Southeast Asia, a serious missed opportunity, argues Duncan Graham Most nations strive to show their best sides to the world through international TV channels, seen as effective means of building rapport and dispelling distrust. On these platforms they serve documentaries, dramas and newscasts made […]


Timor–Leste consolidates its young democracy


The people of one of the world’s youngest democracies are embracing an open, public and popular electoral process, writes Damien Kingsbury In a colourful and noisy event, unblemished so far by the violence that marred the first few years of independence, Timor–Leste prepares for its fourth parliamentary elections this Saturday. By conventional criteria, it has […]


Demise of Liu Xiaobo: a case of lose-lose for China


China’s treatment of its Nobel Peace Prize laureate, writer, literary critic, and human rights activist Liu Xiaobo, raises difficult and penetrating questions, writes Kerry Brown The loss of Liu Xiaobo is a tragedy. For him, a personal tragedy but there are far wider ramifications. The final decade of his life was spent in jail. The […]

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