The real value of the China–Pakistan Corridor


China’s ambitious plan to develop a corridor to the Indian Ocean through Pakistan may be about much more than providing energy security, argues Stephen Szuster China’s profound dependence on the free flow of resources, goods and people through the Indian Ocean Region is no more evident than in terms of energy security. As the world’s […]

Sri Lanka

The long wait for justice in postwar Sri Lanka


Though the decades-long war between government forces and Tamil Tiger rebels is over, it still haunts many Sri Lankans, writes Udeni Appuhamilage Since the end of the separatist war between Sri Lankan government forces and the Tamil Tiger group rebels in May 2009 there have been strong calls for an independent investigation of war crimes, […]


Timor-Leste opts for stability over anticorruption in presidential choice


Last week’s presidential elections, which saw Fretilin’s Francisco ‘Lu-Olo’ Guterres elected president, have set the battleground for parliamentary elections later this year, writes Damien Kingsbury In a red jacket tightly zipped against the ‘cool’ of the morning, Alberto da Silva stood on a rise above the village of Leohitu last week, surveying voters lined up […]

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