China set to lead on global climate politics

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China is poised to step into the leadership void left by the Trump administration’s likely withdrawal from international climate politics, write Nicholas Procter and Benjamin Habib As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump left no ambiguity about the stance his government would take on climate change. He infamously tweeted that climate change was a hoax perpetrated […]

Asian studies

Asian Studies in Australia—a vision for positive growth


Despite a challenging environment for Asian Studies in Australia, Kent Anderson sees strong grounds for optimism. The present state of Asian Studies in Australia can—to borrow a phrase—be loosely divided into the good, the bad and the ugly. Starting with the ugly, over the past five years a number of university language programs have been […]


Italy’s ‘white raja’: the fabulous life of Celso Cesare Moreno


Anticolonial campaigner or operatic poseur? Anthony Reid examines the role of a 19th century Italian adventurer in Aceh’s anticolonial struggle. In 1868 Celso Cesar Moreno (1831–1901) came to international attention by offering the United States the occupation of Pulau Weh (known to divers today as Sabang), off Banda Aceh, in return for protecting Aceh against […]

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