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Submarine saga highlights Australia’s dilemma over China and Japan


In the aftermath of this week’s submarine decision, Australia needs to reassure a disappointed Japan of the strength of their partnership The wash-up from this week’s decision by the Australian government to sign with a French provider of new submarines provides an opportunity to reflect on Australia’s developing triangulated relationship with China and Japan, and […]

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Australia’s Asian songline


Asian music culture was significant in colonial and early Federation Australia From the 1840s and up until the introduction of the Immigration Restriction Act in 1901 large numbers of indentured labourers, sojourners and immigrants came to Australia from various parts of Asia. They were the engines of the early Australian economy and the colonial nation-building […]


Himalayan youth bridge generational crevasse


A new generation of young activists is at the forefront of creating change in the Himalayas in uncertain times Rajesh Singh switched his mobile phone to speaker mode and began talking to the district official in the full hearing of villagers gathered around him. ‘I’m telling you the concrete bridge was not properly constructed. You […]