Before serving as Dean of Arts at Hong Kong University, Kam Louie was Professor of Chinese at UQ and ANU. He has also taught at Nanjing, Auckland and Murdoch Universities. He has studied at Sydney University, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Peking University, and held professorial fellowships at the Center for Chinese Studies, Taipei and National Technological University, Singapore. He is currently Honorary Professor at HKU and UNSW. Kam has served on government committees such as the Australia-China Council, and in roles such as Chief Editor of Asian Studies Review (1998 – 2006), President of the HK Academy of Humanities and Head of the Asian Studies Section at the Australian Humanities Academy. His publications include Inheriting Tradition: Interpretations of the Classical Philosophers in Communist China (Oxford UP), The Literature of China in the Twentieth Century (co-authored), (Columbia UP) and Theorising Chinese Masculinity (Cambridge UP).