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Asian Studies Review: A multidisciplinary journal of contemporary and modern Asia VOLUME 41, ISSUE 3, 2017


  •  Countering Violent Extremism in Indonesia: Bringing Back the Jihadists by Ian Chalmers
  • Moments of Proximity: Former Political Prisoners, Postmemory and Justice in Indonesia by Andrew Marc Conroe
  • Measuring or Creating Attitudes? Seventy Years of Australian Public Opinion Polling about Indonesia by Agnieszka Sobocinska
  • Early Chinese Migrants to Australia: A Critique of the Sojourner Narrative on Nineteenth-century Chinese Migration to British Colonies by Mobo Gao
  • Comparative Analysis of Civil Society and State Discourse on Disabled People’s Rights and Welfare in Southeast Asia 2010­–16 by Paul Chaney
  • The Past under the Shadow of the Present: The Case of the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History by Guy Podoler

    Special Themed Section: Negotiating Diversity in Indonesia

  • Intersections of Gender/Sex, Multiculturalism and Religion: Young Muslim Minority Women in Contemporary Bali by Lyn Parker
  • The Expansion of Emergency Powers: Social Conflict and the Military in Indonesia by Melissa Crouch
  • Putting Religion into Multiculturalism: Conceptualising Religious Multiculturalism in Indonesia by Chang-You Hoon

    BOOK REVIEWS on war and repression in South Korea, the longue durée history of Southeast Asia, internet fandom in China, politics in Indonesia, Buddhism in Thailand, sorcery in East Java, Khmers in Vietnam and India’s Bollywood.

    About Asian Studies Review

    Asian Studies Review is a multidisciplinary journal of contemporary and modern Asia. The journal sets out to showcase high-quality scholarship on the modern histories, cultures, societies, languages, politics and religions of Asia through the publication of research articles, book reviews and review articles.

    It welcomes the submission of research articles from across the broad spectrum of social sciences and humanities on all Asian regions and on international and transnational issues in which Asia is the major focus.

    Asian Studies Review aims to publish a balanced mixture of articles in traditional and emerging disciplines.  The invited review articles and book reviews reflect both the scholarship on display and the broader world of Asian Studies.

    From 1977 until 1990 Asian Studies Review was known as the ASAA Review.  It joined Blackwell Publishing in 1998 and moved to Taylor & Francis in 2004.

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    All research articles undergo rigorous double-blind peer review based on initial screening by the editor and two anonymous referees. All reviews, invited opinion, and reflective papers also undergo editorial screening and peer review.


    Michael Barr, Flinders University

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    1998-2004: Kam Louie, University of Queensland and Australian National University
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    1990-1992: Robert Elson, Griffith University
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